Water Sprinkler

Water Sprinkler

Our High Pressure Water Sprinkler Unit shall consists of a water tank and is fitted with a High Pressure Water Jetting Pump, High Pressure Water Spray Bar for Sprinkling Water on Road, Hose Reel with Spray Gun for cleaning of sign Boards, street furniture , Dust Bins, Public Toilets , Fire etc. And Water Pump with Water Cannon for Washing of Trees.


Water spray on road surface to control dust pollution in the atmosphere due to wind and during mechanical sweeping of roads.

Washing of dust from tree leaves to control dust & pollution level.

Now a days also used for Sanitization of Roads and Infected Areas.

Capacity : 3,000 Ltrs. to 12,000 Ltrs. mounted on Chassis of 07 Ton to 25 Ton GVW.

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