Super Sucker Machines

GENESIS Waste Handling Private Limited, Manufactures one of the most Robust and powerful Super Sucker Machine, which is being utilized for De-Silting of Trunk Sewer pipelines for Silt, Bricks, stones, polythenes, etc. A number of Service Providers are using our specialized Silt container trucks along with De- Silting machines, wherein the silt is separated and collected in these Silt Container trucks, which ultimately go to the dumping ground for its discharge.

Super Sucker Machine

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We Manufactures High Pressure Vacuum Loader Machine with latest technology and Imported Pumps / Blowers. We also manufacture them with Strict adherence to International Standards.Customer Satisfaction is of Paramount importance of us and we do our utmost to meet the Precise…

High Pressure Sucker Machine

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Our Robust Super Sucker Machine is high pressure suction machine manufactured with High Quality Raw Material and Imported Blowers / Pumps. This truck mounted mobile Super Sucker unit suitable for suctioning the sludge / slurry, small stones, plastics, small pieces of bricks from sewer…

Mini Super Sucker

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Our Newly Designed Heavy Duty Mini Super Sucker Machines are very useful for small lanes, where big machines cannot go to perform their work. These Machines are manufactured with best Quality Raw Material and with Imported Pumps / Blowers.