Special Purpose Vehicles

GENESIS Manufactures and Supplies Animal Cather Vehicle, Water Sprinkler, Tractor Carrier and Tow Trucks with best Quality Raw Materials and under the supervision of Our Expert Team of Personnels.

Tow Truck

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The versatile Wrecker Cranes/ Tow Trucks is the latest addition in the field Under Lift Arrangement. It has an added advantage of lift the vehicle by gripping the front tyres of the towed vehicle which ensure no damage to the body or front bumper of vehicle being towed.

Animal Catcher Vehicle

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Our Animal Catcher is used for Transportation of stray Animals both alive & dead.

Salient Features

Animal Catcher Vehicle is Equipped with hydraulic system for easy loading and unloading of alive or dead animals.

Container Carrier System

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Our Container Carrier system is developed on two wheeled trailer chassis which can be towed or operated by a 35 hp tractor One system can easily handle up to 10- 15 containers of 2. 5 / 4. 0 m3 depending upon the lead distance from garbage collection point . For this economical system…

Water Sprinkler

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Our High Pressure Water Sprinkler Unit shall consists of a water tank and is fitted with a High Pressure Water Jetting Pump, High Pressure Water Spray Bar for Sprinkling Water on Road, Hose Reel with Spray Gun for cleaning of sign Boards, street furniture , Dust Bins, Public Toilets…