Sewer Suction Cum Jetting machine

Sewer Suction Cum Jetting machine

Suction cum jetting

Genesis Waste Handling Private Limited, manufactures Sewer Suction cum Jetting Unit with imported Pumps and Blowers. It is a combination machine which combines high pressure sewer jetting operation as well as suction operation with blow back system. Our Machine life is Doubles due to Best Quality Raw Material , Pumps and Blowers.

Salient Features

Two separate tanks are provided in a Machine. One for fresh water and other one is for sludge. This Machine can carry out both the operations of suction as well as jetting operation.

•It Cleans Choked Drainage / Sewer Lines with diameter ranging from 4′ to 36′ effectively by high pressure jetting operation.

•It is capable of sucking particles up to 40 to 50 mm in diameter and from a
distance of 100 feet and a depth of up to 25 feet.

•The Capacity of the vacuum emptier tank is 2000 liters to 12000 liters, as per the specific requirements.

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