Refuse Compactors / Garbage Compactors

GENESIS Garbage Compactors are manufactured as per International Standards. Our Heavy Duty Refuse compactor are having container volume of 7 Cu.m., 8 cu.m.,14 Cu.m. & 18 Cu.m. mounted on standard truck chassis of 11 / 16 / 25 Ton GVW Chassis Truck.

Our Range of Compactors are fitted with Universal Bin Lifter capable of unloading garbage from 240 Ltrs, 660 Ltrs. and 1100 Ltrs. Bins.

Refuse Compactor

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The Refuse Compactor Vehicles are designed for lifting and unloading the garbage from garbage containers / Bins. Garbage compactor used for compaction & transportation of to dumping ground / transfer stations / processing plants. Our range of Refuse Compactor is a unique…

Garbage Compactors

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Our Garbage compactor is provided with Automatic Compaction Cycle. The Compaction Operation of Garbage Compactor started by an Electric Push Button and the compaction mechanism works continuously till switched off. This helps in reduce time for compaction and safety of operators…

Waste Compactor

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Our Waste Compactor lifts the garbage bins and emptying them inside and keep them back. It is ideal for minimizing collection and transportation of municipal solid waste. Various capacities of Garbage Compactor enable the deployment of machines from main roads to narrow lanes…

Refuse Collector

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Refuse Collector is used for collecting the Garbage and dumping it to the Dumping Site. This Machine is easy to operate and work. It is self loader and discharger of exceptional utility. Our Range of Refuse Collector are Robust and very effective in collection , storage and dumping of Garbage. It is also…