Hydraulic Crane

Hydra Cranes

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We manufacturing hydraulic mobile crane with capacity ranging from 9 to 13 tons in rugged design and operational efficiency. These hydraulic mobile cranes are popular for their excellent performance and simplicity of construction and are applied in heavy industries, refineries, power plants…

Wrecker Cranes

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Used to carry broken down or locked vehicles by lifting the front or rear tyres of the vehicle with the help of a Hydraulic Boom. It is a safe way to move the vehicle. Additional safety is provided by holding the vehicle with wire rope. The biggest advantage is that it does not damage the bumpers of the…


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We are the manufacturer of high quality of knuckle boom cranes. It has: EES (Extra Extension Speed)
A special regenerative valves reuses oil during extension, ensuring an incredibly high speed without compromising the safety of the crane
SDS (Smooth Descent System)