Container Carrier System

Container Carrier System

Container Carrier system is developed on two wheeled trailer chassis which can be towed or operated by a 35 hp tractor

One system can easily handle up to 10- 15 containers of 2. 5 / 4. 0 m3 depending upon the lead distance from garbage collection point

this economical system is developed. To facilitate small municipalities in handling their municipal solid waste, since one can easily find at least a 35 hp tractor in every small or big municipality


this machine is totally hygienic. No waiting period. More trips and less manpower is required. The existing lcv dumper placer container can be suitably lifted by this tractor dumper. Economical and available at very reasonable price. The cost of truck chassis is saved and hence small municipalities can also easily afford it. When not in use the system can easily be detached and the tractor can be used for other applications.

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