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Welcome to Genesis Waste Handling Pvt. Ltd.
We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers and traders of a qualitative range of Agricultural, Construction,Municiple and Fire Security Equipment.
Our Product Range
♣ Sewer Cleaning Machines
♣ Super Sucker
♣ Special Purpose Vehicles
♣ Refuse Compactors
♣ Static Compactor
♣ Broadcast Van
♣ Dumper Placer
♣ Sky Lift
♣ Fire Extinguisher
♣ Drain Cleaning Machines
♣ Dump Trucks/Tippers
♣ Hydraulic Crane
♣ Laser Laveller
♣ Rotary Tiller
♣ Garbage Bins
Special Purpose Vehicles
Hook Loader
This system is developed on HCV Chassis. This can be used by big as well as small municipalities as a garbage transfer station.

Salient Features
Contains of 14 to 20 cubic meters are placed at different fixed transfer stations. Garbage is collected through out the city with the help of light vehicles such as small capacity Tippers, Dumpers Placers etc. This garbage is transferred to these bigger containers. Hook Loader lifts these containers and carries to garbage dumping ground for emptying.

Vehicles with low carrying capacity need not to travel to dumping ground thus saving of fuel, time and wear & tear of the vehicles.

Animal Catcher
Animal Catcher is used for Transportation of stray Animals both alive & dead.

Salient Features
Animal Catcher Equiped with hydraulic system for easy loading and unloading of alive or dead animals.

One or two Persons are required to load & unload animals. Chances of slipping of animals is less because of checkered floor.
Maintenance cost is very low.

Container Carrier System
Container Carrier system is developed on two wheeled trailer chassis which can be towed or operated by a 35 hp tractor
one system can easily handle up to 10- 15 containers of 2. 5 / 4. 0 m3 depending upon the lead distance from garbage collection point
after transporting it to the dumping site, the container is tipped hydraulically to discharge its load.
this economical system is developed. To facilitate small municipalities in handling their municipal solid waste, since one can easily find at least a 35 hp tractor in every small or big municipality.
this machine is totally hygienic. No waiting period. More trips and less manpower is required. The existing lcv dumper placer container can be suitably lifted by this tractor dumper. Economical and available at very reasonable price. The cost of truck chassis is saved and hence small municipalities can also easily afford it. When not in use the system can easily be detached and the tractor can be used for other applications.